The RT1003 is a compact, dual antenna product for space constrained ADAS applications such as VRU tests and low-profile robotic vehicles. Despite its small size, the RT1003 captures measurements with the same reliability as our other INS products, and perfectly suits the requirements of the current NCAP, NHTSA and IIHS roadmaps.


No compromise on reliability

It may be small, but that does not mean the RT1003 lacks in ability. In fact the RT1003 has been designed to meet the needs of ADAS engineers who want the reliability and functionality of our top-end products, but need to use the product in space constrained applications like VRU testing and low-profile robotic vehicles. Keeping in mind the current NCAP, NHTSA and IIHS roadmaps, the RT1003 can deliver real‑time 2 cm RTK integer accuracy via a base station or NTRIP server.


Compatible with RT-Range

As well a sharing the same connector as our RT3000 and RT4000 products, the RT1003 is also fully compatible with our RT-Range system and can be connected and configured in minutes. This allows engineers to accurately generate singlepoint measurements between static and mobile targets in real-time.

Work quickly

The software supplied free of charge with the RT1003 has been designed to allow engineers to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. While it has the power to allow detailed analysis of the measurements both internally and via its export options, the software also allows real-time tests to be defined that can provide instant pass/fail feedback to drivers.

280_rt3000nexttort1003Small and lightweight

The small size and low weight of the RT1003 make it ideal for pedestrian and VRU testing where space restrictions are important considerations. With a mass of just 0.435 kg, this is our lightest automotive system and can easily be carried for extended periods. Measuring just 142 × 77 × 41 mm, it is also our smallest too.

Ideal for Euro NCAP AEB VRU tests where size and weight are critical
No hidden costs—antennas and software included free
One box solution with real-time CAN, Ethernet and serial output
Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS for accurate heading in all conditions
No export control—ship and operate worldwide without hassle
RTK 2 cm position accuracy. 0.25° slip angle accuracy

AEB City, inter-urban validation

Motorcycle dynamics testing

AB Dynamics recommended for steering robot guidance

AEB VRU pedestrian/cyclist tests

RT1003 User Manual



RT1003 Brochure

PositioningGPS L1, L2
GLONASS L1, L2 (option)
Positioning Accuracy 1.6 m CEP SPS
0.6 m SBAS
0.4 m DGPS
0.02 m RTK
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 km/h RMS
Roll/Pitch 0.05° 1σ
Heading (2 m baseline)0.1° 1σ
Acceleration bias stability0.08 mg 1σ
Acceleration range10 g
Angular Rate bias stability3°/hr
Angular Rate range300°/s
Measurement rate 100 Hz
200/250 Hz (Optional)

Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
Specification temperature-10°C to +70°C
Power input 10–31 V
Power consumption 9 W
Dimensions142 x 77 x 41 mm
Weight435 g
Internal storage 32 GB
InterfacesEthernet, Serial, CAN
Dual antenna Yes