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Another successful year for OxTS

Company News December 12, 2011

180_OxTSboxesAt the beginning of 2011 OxTS started the year with a positive outlook after achieving our ambitious sales targets in 2010. Due to OxTS’ rapid expansion plans and our strong network of international distributors, 2011 has far exceeded all expectations.

Our strong position in the automotive testing market ensures a high number of repeat sales from existing customers. At the same time, we successfully managed to expand into different markets where we are rapidly gaining market share.

In 2011 OxTS has manufactured and sold more systems than ever before and increased its production capacity significantly. We have already received a huge amount of sales for the beginning of 2012 with many more orders forecasted for next year.

“2011 has been a milestone year for us”, explains Brendan Watts, sales and marketing director at OxTS. “We have expanded and strengthened our sales network worldwide, we have increased our staff by more than 20%, we have taken on more office and production space and far exceeded our ambitious sales targets.”

OxTS will continue to grow in 2012 and is looking forward to another successful year.


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