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Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2019

Company News May 21, 2019

OxTS are attending ATE Europe in Stuttgart again, this year, showing our latest developments in automotive sensor validation. We are talking about RT’s new Multiple Sensor Point capability, which allows you to test more, more complex scenarios and saves you time on the proving ground. Our tight-coupling technology, gx/ix, which provides enhanced data accuracy in difficult testing environments, and indoor testing solutions are also on display.

Multiple ADAS sensor validation:

The OxTS RT-Range multiple sensor points feature allows engineers to collect reference data from up to twelve sensors (radar, ultrasonic and optical) on their vehicle in real-time. Engineers can define a sensor’s field of vision and its minimum and maximum detection range. Measurements include

  • range to target
  • target visibility percentage
  • percentage of sensor’s field of view occupied by each target.

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gx/ix technology for open-road testing

For customers testing ADAS and autonomous vehicle sensors in inner cities,  GNSS interruptions are frequent. Our  gx/ix technology provides reliable, continuous data even in the most challenging real-world test environments.

Indoor automotive testing solutions:

If you are performing automotive sensor validation in enclosed test facilities without GNSS signal, then come and talk to us about our range of positioning solutions for indoor automotive testing to suit your specific needs.

We are exhibiting together with our German channel partner DTC on stand 1460. If you would like to set up a meeting with us, please get in touch

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