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Meet the team:
Jamie Birch, Product Manager

Blogs April 1, 2022
Jamie Birch, OxTS Product Manager
Jamie Birch, OxTS Product Manager

Our customers rely on OxTS to do what we say and deliver what we promise. Our competence is and has always been critical to our success. When customers know that we won’t let them down, and that we will always do our best to help them, we foster a relationship where we’re both on the same side. This helps us to build long-lasting partnerships. Each and every OxTS team member has a role in ensuring that OxTS is able to deliver on our promises. One member of the commercial team who has recently changed roles is Jamie Birch, and here he shares a ‘day in his life’:

1. How long have you worked at OxTS, and what led you to this career?

This is my third year at OxTS. I joined in January 2020 as a Product Marketing Executive working on our product portfolio for automotive testing and validation applications. As of January this year I’ve moved into a Product Management role.

In terms of what led me to this point, I’ve followed the opportunities I’ve found most interesting. There have been plenty of those at OxTS.


2. What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I haven’t quite pinned down what a typical day looks like in my new role – there are a lot of different things going on. I can tell you that I’ve enjoyed them all though. Generally, my main responsibility is to make sure our development roadmap contains the right things in the right order. That involves a lot of communication around customer requirements and project progress.

From the outside I think it probably looks like a lot of meetings, calls and emails – all with interesting people about interesting things.


3. What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I think the whole company can be proud of the work done to develop and launch our Pozyx 2GAD solution. I’ve seen the development unfold and ‘hats off’ to my R&D colleagues for what they have achieved. Their development led to a case study that I enjoyed writing and, more recently, to a product that I’m pleased to have helped bring to market. I think the fact that HORIBA MIRA have endorsed the solution at the world’s first multi-storey car park testbed is testament to the quality of the OxTS technology.


4. What’s the most challenging thing about being a product manager at OxTS, and how do you manage this?

I think focus is a big thing. I’ve not been in the role for long but there already seem to be far more opportunities and possibilities than can be pursued within our available resources. I think the key will be to keep referring to our ‘navigate anywhere’ mission to make sure we’re always delivering the most important things to support our customers. It’s a nice challenge to have.


5. How would you describe working at OxTS?

I’ve found it’s a great place for progression. Opportunities to get involved in new and different projects seem to pop up regularly and I’ve found encouragement to pursue them is just as easy to come by. My recent job role change feels like the most obvious example of that. I had expressed an interest in helping with some of the product management tasks as part of my previous role and I was given responsibility for a few projects. Then, when the vacancy became available, I think I had a stronger application as a result.


6. What are your goals for the next twelve months at OxTS?

I think I’ll judge the next twelve months to have been a success when we begin to see customers making use of the new developments we have planned. There will be another big step forward in their ability to navigate anywhere – whether that’s to collect ground truth data, or to georeference image data. Some of the developments are already underway and I’m excited by the early signs of progress.


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