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Integrate accuracy into autonomy with the xRED3000

Blogs October 26, 2023

A dream come true for autonomous navigation professionals 

An autonomous vehicle is only as good as its hardware. Whether you’re building a robotaxi, autonomous mining truck, lawnmower or combine harvester, any limitations on the accuracy or precision of the army of sensors under the hood will negatively affect overall performance. Not only that, but any constraints on how those sensors communicate with each other could significantly affect your sensor fusion capabilities, or require workarounds that add cost and complexity to your end product. 

In this article, I want to share with you the launch of our most exciting INS device for autonomous vehicle manufacturers yet – the xRED3000. We’ve built it for anyone who wants to incorporate industry-leading position accuracy into their project – while still keeping the end price of their product competitive.

Say hello to the xRED3000...


xRED3000 by OxTS


The xRED3000 is a single-pcb INS that makes use of our most advanced IMU technology yet to deliver incredible accuracy in our smallest ever package. Weighing just 22 grams and smaller than a Nintendo Gameboy cartridge, the xRED3000 can be easily added into almost any autonomous vehicle system with minimal change to design or overall weight (and therefore battery life or range). 

Don’t be fooled by its small form factor, though. Our newest INS delivers incredibly accuracy, even in challenging conditions, and comes with a powerful array of features that autonomous vehicle manufacturers will love. Let’s delve into the detail…

Centimetre-level accuracy, even in urban canyons.

The xRED3000 boasts incredible accuracy: 



No GNSS? No Problem!

Did you know that the xRED3000 will still provide a position accuracy of 0.5 m even after 60 seconds of no GNSS signal? With potential for even more improvement with the new LIO feature!

The xRED3000 also benefits from OxTS’ unique gx/ix tight-coupling algorithms, which can greatly improve accuracy in urban canyons and speed up RTK reacquisition after temporary GNSS outages.

It even has an embedded NTRIP client, making it easy to get GNSS corrections for your vehicle. 

In other words, it’s more than capable of keeping a robotaxi on course in even the most densely built-up cities. 

An INS made for Autonomy

Aside from how easy it is to integrate into your autonomous vehicle designs, the xRED3000 has features tailor-made for the autonomy space: 

  • Our unique GAD interface makes it possible to directly feed additional sensor information into the INS, further improving position accuracy. 
  • Advanced vehicle model algorithms help filter out erroneous sensor data, improving accuracy. 
  • The xRED3000 can warm up to specification with just three minutes of low-dynamics movement, so your vehicle can get on with its work quickly. 
  • Additional functionality and firmware upgrades can be done remotely, giving your vehicle the best possible performance while minimising downtime. 

Beyond the features and performance, the xRED3000 is also ITAR-free, meaning you can ship it globally without needing an export license (handy if you’re setting up overseas manufacturing, or if you plan on selling your autonomous vehicle abroad). You can also tailor the features included on your units to optimise cost, and with no minimum order quantity you can easily use the xRED3000 as a second-source option. 

Want to take a look?

We’re really excited to help autonomous vehicle manufacturers like you create products that lead the market in both performance and value for money. If you’d like to know more about the xRED3000, click below to download the datasheet containing the full specs. If you’d like to talk to us directly, then you can just click here to contact us. 


Contact Us


Alternatively, you can test the product yourself and request an xRED3000 evaluation kit here – REQUEST AN EVALUATION KIT

Download the xRED3000 datasheet

Combining two survey-grade GNSS receivers and OxTS’ latest IMU10 technology, the xRED3000 is engineered to be the GNSS/INS component for any product that needs accurate localisation, even in harsh environments.

Packed full of features, and coupled with the accuracy and reliability you would expect from an OxTS INS, the xRED3000 is the ideal partner for anyone looking to build a navigation solution.

Download the datasheet today to find out more.


Read Datasheet



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