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Meet the team:
Jeffery Young, Senior Commercial Manager – Americas

Blogs June 1, 2022
Jeffrey Young, OxTS Senior Commercial Manager - Americas
Jeffrey Young, OxTS Senior Commercial Manager – Americas

While our dedicated focus is on specific market sectors, the companies and stakeholders that we serve in those sectors vary widely – and they each have different needs. We’re open to working with companies both small and large, playing a role in the stories of both established and new players. Wherever you need to measure with confidence, OxTS is here to help. And ‘here’ can be anywhere. Our team is well-travelled and provides support and training at customer facilities around the world. OxTS head office is in Oxfordshire, UK and we have dedicated offices also in China and the US. One of the people best-placed to tell us more about life at the US office is OxTS’ Senior Commercial Manager – Americas, Jeffery Young. Here he shares a ‘day in his life’:


1. You’ve quite recently joined OxTS, what made you want to join this team in this role?

Yes, that’s true – I joined the OxTS team in April this year. The biggest reason for that decision was the people I met during the interview process. ‘Professional’ and ‘focused’ come to mind. The second reason was the markets served by OxTS. In the US, I believe these markets are poised for exceptional growth over the next few years. I wanted to be part of that, and to help to drive OxTS and our customers towards ever greater success. So far, I must say, I’m confident I’ve made a good choice.


2. What does a ‘day in your life’ as OxTS Senior Commercial Manager – Americas involve?

I receive a number of emails on a daily basis concerning all of OxTS’ products, such as the flagship RT3000 and the smallest and lightest, xNAV650. I deal with distributors and integrators on a regular basis. Supporting their needs, answering questions and working with them on new projects takes much of my time.

I see new inquiries come in via our website from potential new customers all the time. I have discussions with them to evaluate their needs and then provide a proposal.  Right now, I am also focused on recruiting new talent for positions that need to be filled here, as we grow the US team.


3. What’s the best thing about your job?

I have met and interacted with most departments within OxTS in these first few months of my time here. The people are some of the best I have ever worked with, during my long career. I’ve found OxTS team members, without exception, to be helpful, knowledgeable and dedicated. The customer base is also fascinating to work with. People from all facets of our markets are regular contacts, and the variety is stimulating.


4. What’s the most challenging thing about being OxTS’ Senior Commercial Manager – Americas, and how do you manage this?

The most challenging early on is the product offering and becoming familiar with the details of each, incredibly complex and innovative, device. A lot of information is available, and I’ve leaned on this a lot over the last few months.

Time management is always a key to the success of the position with travel, time zone variances and market variances being quite challenging. And as I mentioned, I am recruiting new people and making sure we pick the right person for the right position is also a challenge. I am grateful there is help with this from my OxTS colleagues.


5. What’s the company culture like at OxTS?

The culture is most importantly customer centric. Everyone genuinely wants to provide the best products with the best customer service they possibly can. It is also friendly to newcomers like myself. Everyone wants to help and I haven’t struggled to find support whenever it’s been needed. From my experience, OxTS is a company full of friendly experts.


6. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

I’m not sure about ‘ever’ – but a recent compliment does come to mind. That was being told that I handled a delicate situation in a professional and competent manner with one of our distributors. We all enjoy being complimented and I was very pleased to receive that one.


7. What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead at OxTS?

I am most looking forward to building out my team with good people. I am also looking forward to growing the US market to its full potential over the next few years, and meeting with new customers and new distributors, in addition to serving our existing ones to the best of our abilities.

Some of the innovations coming out of OxTS, that we can’t really say much about just yet, will allow me to position us with the new markets I’m aiming for. These really are exciting times for me and for the Company.



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