3DTarget choose OxTS for multi-platform LiDAR system

Customer Stories April 24, 2017

The 3DT-SCANFLY is a new lightweight integrated LiDAR system designed not only for UAVs, but for multiple platforms such as ground vehicles, air, and pedestrians. To ensure robust, survey-grade georeferencing in all conditions while keeping size and weight to a minimum, the xOEM550 from OxTS was selected as the integrated inertial navigation system (INS).

In order to provide the required accuracies for commercial mapping applications on land and in air, the xOEM550 INS/GNSS from OxTS was chosen by the Scanfly development team after evaluating a range of available sensors.

As a single OEM board set solution weighing just 165 g, the xOEM550 offered an attractive package that provided the best value while meeting all performance and integration requirements.

The integrated RTK GNSS receivers provide absolute georeferencing accuracy down to the centimetre, while the dual antennas enable static initialisation – allowing UAV systems to initialise and start logging data before take-off. The dual receivers also enhance heading performance, reaching 0.1° accuracy that is stable even in low dynamics, limiting drift while hovering

One aspect not often considered for UAV-based LiDAR mapping systems is performance when GNSS signals are blocked or disrupted. In most cases, UAVs are operated in open sky conditions with good GNSS visibility. However, a multi-platform solution that can also be used on ground vehicles and pedestrians is much more likely to encounter difficult GNSS environments. This can include urban canyons, bridges, tunnels, and vegetation canopies. UAV applications may also start encountering these environments as the market continues to grow and develop. In these conditions, the GNSS+IMU sensor fusion in the xOEM550 comes into play, and the gx/ix™ tight-coupling technology helps maintain accuracy and limit GNSS drift, even when fewer than 4 satellites are in view.

The Scanfly system offers competitive and innovative LiDAR scanning solution to the ever expanding UAV market, as well as established mobile mapping markets and new ventures with pedestrian-based mapping. Further planned developments will add SLAM algorithms to aid indoor and underground surveying.



xOEM550 Key Features

  • 2 cm RTK position
  • 05° roll/pitch
  • 1° dual antenna true heading
  • gx/ix tight-coupling and PPK technology
  • Software suite with post-processing included


Scanfly Key Features

  • 16 channel, dual return laser
  • 100 m range
  • 360° HFOV
  • UAV, ground vehicle, backpack configurations
  • <1.5 kg total (GNSS antenna not included)
  • LiDAR + trajectory point cloud creation tool


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