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DEWETRON develop OxTS RT systems plug-in

Company News March 28, 2019

DEWETRON develop OxTS RT systems plug-in, enabling users of DEWETRON Mixed Signal Automotive DAQ systems to easily interface with OxTS RT systems.

DEWETRON, a manufacturer of powerful, easy-to-use data acquisition systems for vehicle testing has released a new plug-in which enables DEWETRON DAQ Systems to plug-and-play with OxTS RT systems. Users immediately gain access to a raft of capabilities, including acquisition from 6 data streams simultaneously. IMU data signals, analogue or digital sensor signals, can be acquired from a single measurement unit, as are CAN data and even video data. Creation of 2-dimensional shapes is possible, as is automatic point-of-interest creation.

“We are delighted with this development,” said Martin Parry, Product Manager at OxTS. “The plug-in for OXYGEN Net means outputs from several measurement units can be combined into one stream. This will simplify and improve the workflow for any test engineer using DEWETRON OXYGEN software with OxTS RT systems.”


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