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Full list of Inertial+ software changes

Software Releases September 20, 2011

Here is the list of changes to the Inertial+ software for the release in September 2011.

Support for SF-3050

The software now has support for the binary output of the NavCom SF-3050 and C&C C-Nav 3050 receivers. We have fully integrated these receivers and built a full model in the Kalman filter so that they work to full accuracy. Our SF-3050 has given some very accurate results both in urban conditions and in open-sky. The firmware and i+config both support these new receivers and an integration manual is available for them too.

Optech output

RT Post-process can now export in a format that is compatible with the Optech laser scanners. This new output format, called “OTA” by OxTS, can be read directly into Optech’s software.

Enginuity firmware status

We have added a firmware status field to the connection page of Enginuity. This field will show the firmware version unless the firmware has expired. OxTS uses expiring firmware on our demonstration systems. If the firmware is not working because it has expired then it will be shown on the front page of Enginuity. Hopefully this will avoid confusion that has arisen in the past.

OxTS UDP Server

The OxTS UDP Server allows several applications to receive data from one or more RT and Inertial+ products at the same time. Although the server is in beta release, all the PC software has been updated so that it can use the firmware. The only reason that we still have the OxTS UDP Server as a beta release is because it is not needed for many people. If you want to try the beta release then it can be installed. We are all running it on our computers in the office and it has not caused any problems.

Improved Settings

A feature that has been available in the RT software suite (as “Get Settings…”) has now been added to the Inertial+ software. In i+config you can now read in the configuration that the Kalman filter in the Inertial+ has worked out and then update your configuration files with this improved configuration. By doing this you can perform a calibration run in open sky (where the calibration is very likely to be correct). Then, when you are forced to start in urban conditions, the configuration won’t be updated incorrectly by the Kalman filter. It means that the Inertial+ will obtain better results earlier during the warm-up period too.

Chinese language

We have added Chinese language to the options in i+config. This is to support all the Inertial+ products that are being sold in China.

RT-View units

We have added better support for units in RT-View. It is now possible to configure graphs so that they use the “default” unit. Then, when the defaults are changed, all the graphs update. This helps us give out templates that reflect the default units that customers have chosen.

RT-View templates

We have been working towards getting the logic correct with the templates in RT-View. There are still times when several files have been loaded into RT-View when the templates do not behave as we expect them to. The latest version has fixed a lot of problems with the templates and we are hoping that it will get even better with the next version of RT-View.

Combining the default units and templates means that users can retain their preferred default units while they are sharing templates between each other. So, if we make a template in “mph” at OxTS and the customer prefers “kmh” then the customer will see “kmh” on templates that are sent by us. (That is, as long as we use the default speed in our template, and don’t fix it to “mph”).

IP Address swap in Enginuity

When multiple Inertial+ and RT systems are detected by Enginuity then it is necessary to choose which system’s data Enginuity should display. This can now be changed by clicking on the IP address on the connection page.

Enginuity Cone Placement fix

The fault that caused Enginuity to stop when cancelling the cone placement has been fixed.

Blended outputs MCOM

The latest version of blended.exe can output MCOM. This output has only been available as a real-time output up to now but it can be used for post-processing as well in this release. Advanced commands are needed to use this output so please contact OxTS for further information.

A beta release manual for RT Post-process, covering some advanced commands from blended.exe will be available shortly.

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