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Latest version of RT-Range now available to download!

Company News September 12, 2023

RT-Range is used throughout the word by ADAS test engineers to accurately capture ADAS test scenarios set out by industry safety standards such as Euro NCAP, IIHS and others.

When used in conjunction with real-time and post-processing software tools, RT-Range provides you with a precise vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-lane measurements system to validate that your ADAS features are performing as they should.



What’s new?

The latest version of includes a number of updates that will improve the user experience for RT-Range customers. These include:

  • Polygons now more accurately reflect a vehicle’s shape.
  • Test and Save NCOM and RCOM timestamps now updated for easier synchronisation.
  • Hunter vehicle CAN messages no longer contained in RT-Range and can be configured in NAVconfig.
  • CAN limit is now taken into account in both RT-Range and NAVconfig.
  • Polygon ‘zoom’ functionality now available.



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