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Generic Aiding example results

Examples with and without OxTS Generic Aiding

In order to explore the difference Generic Aiding can make to a project, a low speed urban driving test was undertaken with GNSS data blocked.  This made Generic Aiding the only aiding source.  The results were then compared to a reference with RTK GNSS.

The following results were gained using a Velodyne VLP-32 based SLAM system. The local SLAM positions were transformed to global velocities in the INS frame to use as Generic Aiding updates.


Generic Aiding with OxTS


The data plot above shows a typical driving scenario through an urban environment. The green trace is the reference using full RTK GNSS with the INS, while the orange trace is with GNSS completely blocked and using the generic aiding updates from the SLAM system. We can see even in the total absence of GNSS positioning, the addition of Generic Aiding data helps keep the navigation on track and stops large errors in the inertial dead reckoning building up. After almost 2 km of driving there is a slight offset between Generic Aiding and GNSS, the graph below shows this error as a function of distance travelled. The error settles at around 0.5% distance travelled.


Generic aiding graph



Next steps

Download the OxTS Generic Aiding brochure

To learn more about easily integrating multiple sensors into your development project to ensure navigation in any environment, please download our Generic Aiding brochure.

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Discuss your project

Generic Aiding can have varying benefits and different degrees of enhancement depending on the types of sensors used and applications. If you have a sensor that you think might help improve your navigation capabilities, contact us today to discuss the potential of Generic Aiding for your project.  We can help you formulate a plan to integrate your sensor(s) of choice.

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Beyond GNSS – using alternative aiding sources with Generic Aiding

Join Iain Clarke, Senior Product Engineer at OxTS, to learn how you could utilise untapped potential in autonomous systems where navigation performance is critical, by integrating additional sensor data into the OxTS navigation engine through our Generic Aiding interface. This webinar explains what Generic Aiding is, and how it can speed up integration of new sensors. You will have opportunity to explore the potential for allowing navigation in new environments, and see some example results with different sensors.

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