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Introducing the OxTS AV200

Company News November 10, 2021

The next big thing in autonomous navigation is small; 77 x 63 x 24 millimetres to be precise. It’s called the AV200, the latest OxTS INS for localisation and control in autonomous systems.

Autonomous vehicle development teams can now make use of OxTS’ most economical INS to date. It uses the latest cutting-edge technology to cut size, weight, and power without compromising the localisation performance that is critical for automated driving and unmanned systems.

A new benchmark for price and performance

Dual GNSS RTK receivers and a new OxTS multi-core 6-axis MEMS IMU are combined to deliver 100 Hz real-time output of position to centimetre-level, providing sub-lane accuracy and precision control. The OxTS navigation engine and sensor fusion combines inertial measurements for a robust solution that is resistant to GNSS drops and obstructions. Redundant inertial sensors, and capability to integrate data from other sensors (such as LiDAR, cameras, wheel speed and more) makes the AV200 a reliable solution for navigating any environment.

Seamless integration

It’s easy to integrate the AV200 within your vehicle, using the standard 15-way micro D-sub connector for Ethernet and CAN data interfaces, ROS2 Driver, PPS signal and PTP support, and 5-30 V power input.

Try it for yourself with the AV200 Evaluation Kit

Request a free demo to see the performance of the AV200 for yourself, or purchase an AV200 Evaluation Kit to start testing and integrating the device into your system.

The AV200 Evaluation Kit includes:

  • 1 x AV200
  • 2 x GNSS antennas
  • 2 x antenna cables
  • 1 x user cable

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AV200 Eval Kit

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