Autonomous Vehicles

GNSS is an excellent technology when it comes to working out where something is, where it’s going and how it’s moving there—but it’s not flawless. Signal dropout under bridges and multi-path reflections from other structures are just some of the problems that can affect GNSS-only systems—resulting in your autonomous vehicle losing its bearings.

OxTS products help solve these problems by taking the best features of GNSS and inertial technologies and blending them into a single sensor that continues to output measurements when the GNSS signal is temporarily blocked. This means your vehicle still knows where it is and more importantly how it’s moving during those periods. Our sensors also provide useful additional measurements like orientation and acceleration in each axis at 100 to 250 Hz.

116_RT2500RT2000 Family

The RT2000 family combines precision Angular Rate Sensors and navigation grade Accelerometers, a low cost GPS receiver and an Advanced Navigation Computer to form an Inertial Navigation System aided by GPS in one very compact box. The RT2500 is the perfect way to step up from a GPS receiver and benefit from Inertial Technology


116_RT3000RT3000 Family

The RT3000 family combines precision Angular Rate Sensors and navigation grade Accelerometers, a survey grade GPS receiver and an Advanced Navigation Computer to form an Inertial Navigation System aided by GPS in one very compact box. Originally designed for automotive engineers to measure the behaviour of vehicles, the RT3000 is equally applicable to a variety of other markets and applications.


116_RT4000systemRT4000 Family

The RT4000 is a high-speed version of the RT3000 family of products. It has all the features of the RT3000 but has a 250Hz update rate.





The xOEMcore is a combined 6-axis inertial measurement unit and navigation system with sensor fusion in one compact OEM module. In its base form the xOEMcore measures and outputs raw accelerations and angular rates with small, high-grade MEMS gyros and accelerometers. But with a simple upgrade the xOEMcore is turned into a full inertial navigation system, able to take aiding data from external sources such as GNSS and blend it in the on-board Kalman filter. It is ideal for integration inside any solution that requires robust, high-performance position and orientation.

Autonomous driving
Static initialisation, 1 cm RTK accuracy and velocity measured to 2 cm/s accuracy without a base-station make our sensors ideal for autonomous applications.

Autonomous robotic applications
A constant stream of reliable and accurate inertial navigation messages are output via Ethernet and CAN to provide your autonomous robots with the information you need.

Unmanned vehicle development & research
System stability and reliability is especially important in unmanned applications. Our unique blend of GNSS and inertial data ensure an uninterrupted stream of accurate measurements.

Self-driving vehicles
Our sensors seamlessly integrate with Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) driving robots to give precise and repeatable vehicle control in all conditions and environments.


Position accuracy to 1 cm
Velocity measured to 2 cm/s without a base-station
Static initialisation
Consistent, reliable data output
Seamless integration with cameras, laser scanners and other sensors
Wheel-speed input
No data interruption during GNSS blackout
Real-time data output
CAN input
CAN output
High-accuracy pitch, roll and yaw measurements


Navigating autonomous vehicles

Navigating autonomous vehicles

Robust position tracking in difficult GPS conditions The RT3003 system was used to guide MuCAR-3, an autonomously driving VW Touareg, during the 4th European Land Robot Trial (ELROB) this year. RT3003 Features Watch the video! Download article (German) Specifications GPS dropout resistant Up to 2cm Position Accuracy 0.03° Roll/Pitch 0.1° Heading Dual-Antenna for accurate Heading 100Hz Updates Real-Time Low Latency CAN Output Wheelspeed/Odometer Input 2 GB Loggi...


Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

The near future will bring a very different kind of vehicle – one that drives on its own. Autonomous vehicles are currently being developed by companies and universities all over the world. Oxford Technical Solutions’ Inertial and GPS navigation systems are successfully used in various autonomous projects such as the DARPA Challenge, the self-driving Volkswagen Golf 53+1, the unmanned vehicle ‘Wildcat’ from BAE Systems, etc. The RT Inertial and GPS navigation syste...



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