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Meet the team:
Gill Court, Export Coordinator

Blogs November 1, 2022
Gill Court, OxTS Export Coordinator

In any working day, OxTS colleagues might be talking to customers who are test engineers at large, global manufactures, or tier one suppliers; company directors at smaller companies and innovative start-ups, such as electric vehicle developers; product developers striving to bring emerging autonomous technology solutions to market; and survey and mapping professionals including UAV pilots, engineering leads, and technical experts… to name just a few. Once they’ve discussed their needs with our experts, maybe received a demo, and confirmed their preferred OxTS solution to enable them to measure with confidence, our customers rely on OxTS to ship them their kit without delay. Here, OxTS Export Coordinator, Gill Court, tells us about a ‘day in her life’:


1. How long have you worked at OxTS, and have you experienced many changes during your time with the Company?

I have worked for OxTS for nearly four years and have to say it’s one of the best roles I have had during my long career. The OxTS export department has experienced many changes in that time – not least when the UK left the EU. Overnight our processes had to change to enable us to export and import, and navigate the customs clearance processes for all member countries. We were ready to handle the requirements for additional paperwork and courier notifications that meant that the internal workflow for each shipment could continue to flow smoothly. We are continually learning new and better solutions, and so are our channel partners. Our team is here to support, guide, learn and share what we know with others.


2. How would you describe a typical ‘day in your life’ at OxTS?

My day always starts with shipping of customer orders, whether that be easy shipments within the UK, or more complex ones, for example, to Israel – and everywhere in between. It’s important that we get everything right, from selecting the most capable courier for the particular shipping routes, to ensuring that paperwork has specific wording, or special instructions, that will prevent delays. I see the point at which we ship as a further opportunity to double-check that the contents of every box is present and correct. I am a details-oriented person, and I am passionate about delivering excellence to our customers, both external to OxTS and internal such as the OxTS sales, marketing, and service & repair teams. I have been described as a terrier by a previous boss, and that was because once I get my teeth into an issue, I won’t let it go until I feel it’s been resolved, and we have learnt a lesson from the experience!


3. What’s the best thing about your job, and why?

So, for me it’s never been about just doing enough in my job. I want to understand how I can do things better and to the highest standards. I want our customers to be delighted with the service they receive and where we have that interaction, usually with channel partners, it’s nice to get the positive feedback for a job well done. Equally if something didn’t go as we had anticipated, as can happen sometimes in every company, I am self-motivated to want to understand why and to put it right. I thrive on being busy and problem solving. I am a very patient person and enjoy training new people in the team, it gives me immense satisfaction to impart my knowledge and see that person flourish.


4. What’s most challenging about your role as OxTS’ export coordinator, and how do you overcome the challenges?

My role is busy but varied and one I feel very motivated to be able to make a difference every day and have a ‘can do’ attitude to the role. It can be intense if we have given a customer’s order into the care of a courier and then their shipment goes astray. If that ever happens, we are driven to be our customer’s champions and try exceptionally hard to locate it and to keep our customer appraised of the situation. If we find that our agents can’t locate a misplaced shipment (or part of it), we may strive to arrange an urgent demonstration unit for our customer to utilise until their original order is located. As with any challenge there are times when you need to ask for help and that is something I feel comfortable in doing, whether it be of my manager or a colleague. Challenges are also opportunities.


5. What’s the company culture like at OxTS?

The culture at OxTS is one of the best I have come across. Your contribution to the team and the wider business is valued and opinions and suggestions are taken on board. I like to think that I make a difference in the way that I approach the job. Everyone works to support each other and makes the time, especially for new starters. You can just as likely be having a chat to the CEO as your colleagues next door and ideas and suggestions are welcome and indeed encouraged. I have found OxTS to be friendly, innovative and supportive with finding the work life balance.


6. What would we most likely find you doing at the weekend?

You will find me in the garden at the weekend (yes, even in the rain!) and I have been known to still be fence painting almost by torchlight as I don’t like to leave a job unfinished. I also love cooking and trying out new recipes, especially cakes. I once created an allotment cake for a colleague who was turning 30, and I made vegetables out of marzipan and soil from chocolate flakes (she was over the moon with my creation). I have entered competitions for many years, one of which paid off when I won a car. So, my motto is, “You have to be in it, to win it!”


7. What are your work goals for the next twelve months?

We are constantly looking to improve workflow and do away with any unnecessary tasks that do not add value to what we do. Currently we are working on further improving the core process of getting what we export to our customers delivered as quickly as possible, and for every transaction to be a seamless one. Engaging with our channel partners to understand their needs is something we are always working on as well, with a view to improving their interactions with the OxTS team. Understanding in detail what the current and emerging roadblocks are that might be preventing a stress-free shipment helps us do what we do, even better.


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