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Mobile mapping magic: introducing the xRED3000

Blogs January 2, 2023

Our latest INS provides awe-inspiring accuracy for aerial and land-based surveying payloads.

If you’re in the mobile surveying space – whether you build custom payloads for surveyors, or build and manage your own fleet of drones and land-based rovers – you’re probably focusing on scaling up right now. Demand has never been larger for mobile mapping services, and organisations everywhere are scrambling to meet that demand. For those providing surveying services, increasing the fleet size is a big part of that, whether they build their own payloads or buy them from specialists. 

If that’s you, then you’ve probably also spent a lot of time trying to make the commercials work. How do you, for instance, double the size of the fleet while keeping costs under control – while still delivering outstanding surveying capabilities? It’s a major risk factor. After all, if you make the investment and don’t land the business, you could be in trouble. 

What if I told you that we’ve got a way to change that equation so you can scale up your fleet rapidly, without compromising accuracy, and while keeping financial risk to a minimum?

Say hello to the xRED3000...

This is our latest INS, the culmination of more than two decades of inertial navigation experience and a lot of hard work from our engineers. It balances performance, form factor, and commercial smarts perfectly to make it the perfect heart of any mobile mapping payload. Let’s get into the detail. 


Specs to satisfy the most demanding surveyor

The xRED3000 includes our very latest IMU technology, enabling it to deliver precise and accurate data in even the most challenging of conditions.

With the xRED3000 in your payload, you can expect accuracy of: 

xRED3000 by OxTS



No GNSS? No Problem!

Did you know that the xRED3000 will still provide a position accuracy of 0.5 m even after 60 seconds of no GNSS signal? With potential for even more improvement with the new LIO feature!

Fistful of features...

On top of this, the xRED3000 has multiple features designed to appeal to surveyors: 

  • OxTS’ unique gx/ix tight-coupling algorithms can greatly improve accuracy in urban canyons and speed up RTK reacquisition after temporary GNSS outages – perfect when surveying cities. 
  • The OxTS GAD interface makes it possible to connect multiple aiding sensors to the xRED3000 for additional accuracy, including a wide range of LiDAR sensors, wheelspeed sensors, and more. 
  • Our NEW LiDAR Inertial Odometry (LIO) capabilities use the data from your payload’s LiDAR in post-processing to further improve location accuracy and point cloud clarity in urban canyons and other GNSS-denied areas. 

The xRED3000 also works with our specialist surveying software, OxTS Georeferencer, which includes a boresighting tool to further improve accuracy, and enable you to effortlessly create fully georeferenced pointclouds from your LiDAR data. 

Not bad, right? Especially when you consider its size… 

Our smallest and lightest IMU ever!

The xRED3000 weighs 20 grams. It’s smaller than an original Nintendo Gameboy cartridge. It’s a PCB. 

It’s a red PCB, at that…


OxTS xRED3000


We’ve designed the xRED3000 to be perfect for SWaP-constrained payloads. Aerial surveyors get the performance they need while maximising flight time (we’ve also designed this INS to initialise with just three minutes of low-dynamics movement, to make the very most of battery life). Land-based surveyors might not be as fussed about weight, but the size of the xRED3000 means you can finally build a payload that works equally well whether mounted to a car or a drone, instead of trading off between weight and performance. 

Great in the field and on the books

We’ve designed the xRED3000 to be as easy as possible for everyone in the mobile mapping space to use, whether you build payloads for the surveying market or you’re a surveyor yourself. Some of the highlights include: 

  • The xRED3000 is ITAR-free, meaning it won’t make your international shipping any more complicated. 
  • The software needed to configure the xRED3000, monitor data in real time, and post-process data is completely free, keeping the number of third-party subscriptions you have to manage to a minimum.
  • Firmware and functionality upgrades can be handled remotely, ensuring your clients (or you) get the best INS technology for a long time to come. 
  • You can configure your xRED3000 to include only the features you need, making best use of your budget – and with no minimum order quantity, it could make a great second-source option to relieve pressure on your manufacturing, if needed. 

Want to take a look?

We’re really excited to help you create mobile mapping products that lead the market in both performance and value for money. If you’d like to know more about the xRED3000, click below to download the datasheet containing the full specs. If you’d like to talk to us directly, then you can just click here to contact us.


Contact Us


Alternatively, you can test the product yourself and request an xRED3000 evaluation kit here – REQUEST AN EVALUATION KIT


Download the xRED3000 Datasheet

Combining two survey-grade GNSS receivers and OxTS’ latest IMU10 technology, the xRED3000 is engineered to be the GNSS/INS component for any product that needs accurate localisation, even in harsh environments.

Packed full of features, and coupled with the accuracy and reliability you would expect from an OxTS INS, the xRED3000 is the ideal partner for anyone looking to build a navigation solution.

Download the datasheet today to find out more.


Read Datasheet


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