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Introducing the xRED3000: the centrepiece of your best-selling product

Company News September 27, 2023

Whether you’re building a product for mobile mapping, autonomy, or another space, you’re probably used to helping customers balance the accuracy of their navigation engine with cost, size, and weight. Traditionally, the higher the accuracy, the higher the cost, size and weight.

What if you could change that balancing act, though? If you could deliver higher performance, with smaller size and weight, while still keeping costs reasonable, then you could offer your customers a much higher spec of product while keeping the budget the same. 

That’s what the OxTS xRED3000, our newest INS, does for you. 


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Alternatively, you can test the product yourself and request an xRED3000 evaluation kit here – REQUEST AN EVALUATION KIT

What is the xRED3000?

The xRED3000 is our lightest and smallest INS yet, built for people who need to integrate industry-leading INS technology into their products. Here it is, in all its red-boarded glory:


xRED3000 by OxTS


As you can see we’ve dispensed with the usual casings and ports to create an INS that you can install in your payload however you need to. Weighing just 20 grams, the xRED3000 is great for aerial payloads, and at just 53.6 x 50.6 x 9.5 mm in size, it’s small enough to be incorporated without drastically changing your design. 

Don’t be fooled by its size, though – it still packs a powerful punch. The xRED3000 can achieve accuracy of: 



No GNSS? No Problem!

Did you know that the xRED3000 will still provide a position accuracy of 0.5 m even after 60 seconds of no GNSS signal? With potential for even more improvement with the new LIO feature!

Features your customers will love!

  • Quad-constellation GNSS support, as you’d expect from a top-shelf INS!
  • OxTS’ unique gx/ix tight-coupling algorithms can greatly improve accuracy in urban canyons and speed up RTK reacquisition after temporary GNSS outages. 
  • Advanced vehicle model algorithms help improve data quality by filtering out erroneous data. 
  • Our unique GAD interface that makes it possible to feed additional sensor data into the xRED3000 to further improve accuracy. 
  • Embedded NTRIP makes it simple to get GNSS corrections. 
  • It warms up to specification in just three minutes, even with low-dynamic movement, increasing flight time for aerial applications and reducing the space needed for land-based warm ups. 
  • Full compatibility with OxTS Georeferencer, our powerful post-processing and calibration software that can greatly improve the accuracy and clarity of your pointcloud data….. 

Perhaps most excitingly, the xRED3000 takes advantage of our newest innovation, OxTS LiDAR Inertial Odometry (LIO), which takes data from a LiDAR in post-processing to reduce IMU drift and improve accuracy in areas with poor or no GNSS signal such as Urban Canyons.

You can learn more about the new LIO feature here – OxTS LIO

Features you will love too!

We built the xRED3000 specifically for people building products for their customers. That’s why it includes some nifty features for you, rather than your customers: 

  • ITAR-free: we’ve evolved our navigation engine to give you great performance using components that are not subject to export control, meaning you can ship the xRED3000 globally without requiring export licenses. 
  • Our post-processing tools are included with the xRED3000 free of charge. You can give your customers powerful configuration, monitoring, post-processing and visualisation software without having to manage third-party subscriptions. 
  • We have a range of commercial options that enable you to tailor your xRED3000 units to your specific needs, keeping costs down. 
  • You can even add functionality and firmware upgrades remotely, ensuring your products are always at their best.

Get your hands on the xRED3000 today...

We’re so excited to help organisations like yours create products that lead the market in both performance and value for money. If you’d like to know more about the xRED3000, download the datasheet containing the full specs. If you’d like to talk to us directly, then you can just contact us below:


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Download the xRED3000 datasheet

Combining two survey-grade GNSS receivers and OxTS’ latest IMU10 technology, the xRED3000 is engineered to be the GNSS/INS component for any product that needs accurate localisation, even in harsh environments.

Packed full of features, and coupled with the accuracy and reliability you would expect from an OxTS INS, the xRED3000 is the ideal partner for anyone looking to build a navigation solution.

Download the datasheet today to find out more.


Read Datasheet



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