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The robot-ready navigation engine

Blogs January 2, 2023

Off-road autonomy just got more interesting thanks to our lightest, smallest, most versatile INS ever. 

The world is finally catching on to the potential of autonomous robotic vehicles. But with that increased focus comes the need to scale up your operations, and an increased focus on how well your product actually performs in the field. If you’re in this space, then you’re probably trying to address problems like:

  • How do I guarantee a satisfactory level of performance in a variety of operating environments – not just my test environment? 
  • How do I minimise my SWaP to best balance performance with battery life? 
  • What can I do to improve navigation accuracy since GNSS alone isn’t enough? 
  • How do I do all the above while still creating a product that is commercially viable? 

At OxTS we’re thrilled to have just launched the xRED3000 – an INS that gives you an answer to all of those questions. Why don’t we go ahead and get the two of you introduced? 

Say hello to the xRED3000...


xRED3000 by OxTS

This is our latest INS, the culmination of more than two decades of inertial navigation experience and a lot of hard work from our engineers. Better yet, it’s packed with features designed for autonomous robot manufacturers as well as those who specialise in navigation stacks for autonomous robots. 

Accuracy and precision in all environments

The xRED3000 includes our very latest IMU technology, enabling it to deliver precise and accurate data in even the most challenging of conditions. With the xRED3000, you can expect accuracy of: 



No GNSS? No Problem!

Did you know that the xRED3000 will still provide a position accuracy of 0.5 m even after 60 seconds of no GNSS signal? With potential for even more improvement with the new LIO feature!

When conditions are sub-optimal, the xRED3000 has a number of tricks up its sleeve to keep your robot on track: 

  • OxTS’ unique gx/ix tight-coupling algorithms can greatly improve accuracy in places where GNSS signal is poor, such as urban canyons or in forests. 
  • Advanced vehicle model algorithms eliminate inaccurate IMU data that would be impossible for your vehicle, reducing position drift. 

In fact, the xRED3000 can go even further to ensure position accuracy. If you’re finding that GNSS and IMU data alone isn’t giving you the accuracy you need, the xRED3000 uses our unique GAD interface to feed aiding data from additional sensors into the INS, improving accuracy and keeping your robot on track. 

Not bad, right? Especially when you consider its size… 

A SWaPtimised INS

The xRED3000 weighs 22 grams. It’s smaller than an original Nintendo Gameboy cartridge. It’s a PCB. A red one. 

The xRED3000, in short, is perfect for SWaP-constrained payloads. It’s so light that your robot (and its battery) won’t even notice it’s there, and because it’s not got any bulky housing it can be integrated into a robot’s bodywork without massive design changes.

So you get excellent position accuracy without having to sacrifice range or battery life. 

xRED3000 in hand

Great in the field and on the books

We know that in your space, engineering decisions are never just about engineeringthey’re also commercial decisions. That’s why we’ve designed the xRED3000 to make sense not just on your robot, but on your balance sheet: 

  • You can configure your xRED3000 to include only the features you need, making best use of your budget – and with no minimum order quantity, it could make a great second-source option to relieve pressure on your manufacturing, if needed. 
  • The xRED3000 is ITAR-free, meaning it won’t make your international shipping any more complicated. 
  • The software needed to configure the xRED3000, monitor data in real time, and post-process data is completely free, keeping the number of third-party subscriptions you have to manage to a minimum. 
  • Firmware and functionality upgrades can be handled remotely, ensuring you (or your clients, if you are building nav engines for others) get the best INS technology for a long time to come. 

Want to take a look?

We’re really excited to help you create autonomous robots that lead the market in both performance and value for money. If you’d like to know more about the xRED3000, click below to download the datasheet containing the full specs. If you’d like to talk to us directly, then you can just click here to contact us. 


Contact Us


Alternatively, you can test the product yourself and request an xRED3000 evaluation kit here – REQUEST AN EVALUATION KIT

Download the xRED3000 datasheet

Combining two survey-grade GNSS receivers and OxTS’ latest IMU10 technology, the xRED3000 is engineered to be the GNSS/INS component for any product that needs accurate localisation, even in harsh environments.

Packed full of features, and coupled with the accuracy and reliability you would expect from an OxTS INS, the xRED3000 is the ideal partner for anyone looking to build a navigation solution.

Download the datasheet today to find out more.


Read Datasheet


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