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OxTS NAVsuite release 2015

Software Releases July 22, 2015

OxTS – NAVsuite software release

Our latest version of the OxTS NAVsuite software suite is now available for customers on a support contract. We have added new features and enhancements such as an increased output rate for our xNAV systems, integration with Locata receivers for our Inertial+, and differential GPS corrections being received by one RT can now be shared wirelessly between multiple vehicles in a WLAN network thanks to the networked DGPS feature in the latest release of NAVsuite.


170_125_NetworkedDGPSNetworked DGPS allows differential corrections to be shared from one vehicle to multiple vehicles in a WLAN network

Easier to set-up—cheaper to operate. Our new networked DGPS feature shares differential corrections between multiple vehicles using only one pair of radio modems. Differential GPS corrections being received by one OxTS device can now be shared wirelessly between multiple devices in a WLAN thanks to the networked DGPS feature in the latest release of NAVsuite. While this enhancement saves money and reduces system complexity, it also gives car manufacturers even greater flexibility when evaluating ADAS sensors in public traffic. Read more…

170_125_LocataOxTS create the world’s first Locata+INS system

OxTS have successfully integrated a Locata receiver with their Inertial+ to create the world’s first Locata+INS device—capable of achieving cm level accuracy where GPS systems fail. Locata is an innovative positioning system designed to complement rather than replace GPS, by addressing the issues and shortfalls of a Global Positioning System. The Inertial+ allows Locata users to take advantage of their existing technology while enjoying the extra layer of measurements an aided inertial navigation system brings. Read more…

170_125_ExternalHeadingInertial+ can now take advantage of dual-antenna receivers and take heading from an external receiver

With the latest NAVsuite release, it is now possible for the Inertial+ to generate heading information from an external receiver instead calculating it using the internal receivers. This new option forces the Inertial+ to take its heading information from a dual-antenna external receiver. The benefits of this to customers, besides simply meeting individual requests for such a feature, is a small reduction in the time required to acquire the measurements required to generate heading information and freedom to use larger antenna separations (up to the manufacturer’s limit). The larger antenna separation should result in better quality heading measurements. Read more…

170_125_xNAV_IncreasedHzThe update rate of our smallest INS just got bigger

A new feature code for xNAV devices significantly increases their base logging and output rates from the default 100 Hz to a maximum of 250 Hz—matching the speed of our other, much larger products. The update allows the IMU rate to be set to 100, 200 or 250 Hz, and comes in response to the number of users interfacing xNAVs with scanning equipment; many of which commonly uses a standard rate of 200 Hz. Read more…


All new products are shipped with the latest software release free of charge. Customers on a support contract get access to the latest software and firmware as they are released, meaning their products stay up to date with the latest features and functionality.


For more information about any of the features listed, or to find out more about a support contract, contact us now.

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