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OxTS Georeferencer 1.4
has arrived – with new Hesai integrations!

Company News June 20, 2021


There is no denying that the use of LiDAR sensors for all manner of applications is skyrocketing. Whether you’re developing autonomous vehicles or monitoring coastal erosion (and everything in between), the chances are you’ve come across LiDAR technology, such as sensors from Hesai, as a way to create a 3D map (pointcloud) of your environment.

The technology is particularly useful as it allows surveyors to repeatably analyse the world around them.

Producing pointclouds hasn’t always been straightforward. Pairing a LiDAR sensor with an Inertial Navigation System to generate a georeferenced pointcloud requires a certain set of skills. However not every surveyor has these skills, or in short necessarily wants them!

Here at OxTS we’re constantly taking steps to improve the user experience for surveyors, streamline survey processes and allow surveyors to get to work faster. All whilst simultaneously improving results.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re continuing this process and the latest version of OxTS Georeferencer, version 1.4 is now available to buy. The new release includes new user experience enhancements and integration with seven additional Hesai LiDAR sensors.


Ready to Survey - Hesai LiDAR and xNAV650 INS
OxTS xNAV650 INS paired with a Hesai Pandar 40P LiDAR


Hesai and OxTS Georeferencer

OxTS Georeferencer fuses position, navigation and timing (PNT) data from an OxTS INS with raw LiDAR data. Currently surveyors can combine data from VelodyneHesai and Ouster. This allows surveyors to output highly accurate 3D pointclouds. Furthermore, the software uniquely makes use of navigation diagnostic data that provides surveyors with LiDAR point error estimation. This error estimation allows surveyors to analyse and view parts of their survey depending on the estimated error in points. This therefore helps users to understand if there are any parts of a survey that they need to resurvey.

Error Estimation
Pointcloud showing estimated error in points

As an added feature there is also an optional boresight calibration tool that uses data to calibrate the angles between the navigation and survey devices – Click here for details.


Enhanced User Experience

As well as the integration of new LiDAR sensors, OxTS Georeferencer 1.4 sees a number of enhancements to the software to further improve the overall surveyor experience.

xNAV650 INS and Hesai LiDAR 3D Model
xNAV650 INS and Hesai LiDAR 3D Model

3D hardware setup viewer – To help surveyors input the correct relative rotation angles, specific LiDAR models will be available to view depending on the user’s choice of LiDAR sensor. The model will show a true representation of the LiDAR in appearance, size and orientation with respect to the INS within OxTS Georeferencer. This will allow quick and intuitive configuration.

Time overlap chart – The release of OxTS Georeferencer 1.4 will see the reintroduction of a time overlap chart. The latest enhanced chart will allow surveyors to visualise their survey route on a map. Furthermore, users will have the flexibility to select the specific start and end times of their survey.

This additional feature will provide surveyors with the ability to choose which parts of the survey to they would like to view, with the added addition of being able to georeference only this particular
part of the survey.

Supported Hesai LiDAR Models

ManufacturerLiDAR modelSoftware version requiredStatus
VelodyneVLP-16 Puck / Puck Lite1.0 (or later)Tested
VelodyneVLP-32C / VLP-32MR1.2 (or later)Beta
VelodyneAlpha Prime VLS1281.2 (or later)Beta
VelodyneHDL-321.5 (or later)Beta
HesaiPandar401.4 (or later)Beta
HesaiPandar40P1.2 (or later)Tested
HesaiPandar40M1.4 (or later)Beta
HesaiPandar641.4 (or later)Beta
HesaiPandarQT1.4 (or later)Beta
HesaiPandar1281.4 (or later)Beta
HesaiPandarXT-161.4 (or later)Beta
HesaiPandarXT-321.4 (or later)Tested
OusterAll Gen2 (32, 64 & 128 versions of OS0, OS1 & OS2 sensors)1.2 (or later)Beta
OusterOS1-641.2 (or later)Tested
LivoxAvia1.5 (or later)Tested
LivoxMid-401.5 (or later)Tested
LivoxMid-701.5 (or later)Beta
RoboSenseRS-Ruby2.5 (or later)Beta
RoboSenseRS-Ruby-Lite2.5 (or later)Beta
RoboSenseRS-Ruby Plus2.5 (or later)Tested
RoboSenseRS-Helios 16152.5 (or later)Tested
RoboSenseRS-Helios 55152.5 (or later)Beta
RoboSenseRS-Helios 16P2.5 (or later)Beta
RoboSenseRS-Bpearl2.5 (or later)Beta
RoboSenseRS-LiDAR M12.5 (or later)Beta
RieglMiniVux Range2.7 (or later)Beta
Z+FProfiler 90122.7 (or later)Beta
Z+FProfiler 90202.7 (or later)Beta

Please note that the software versions in this table relate to the following software version numbers – 1.0 =, 1.2 = and 1.4 =

Hesai Hardware Integration Guide

Hesai - Hardware Integration Guide

Download the Hesai Hardware Integration guide and learn how to use your Hesai sensor with an OxTS Inertial Navigation System.

The guide contains a lot of useful information including how to:

  • Connect your OxTS INS with a Hesai LiDAR
  • Configure your INS to work with your chosen sensor
  • Process your data with examples

Read Guide

Get a closer look at OxTS Georeferencer 1.4!

On Tuesday, 20th July we provided a deeper insight into the new release of our LiDAR georeferencing software OxTS Georeferencer 1.4.

During the webinar attendees had the opportunity to learn more about:

  • The new LiDAR integrations now available within OxTS Georeferencer
  • How OxTS continues to drive user experience improvements within OxTS Georeferencer
  • What the new 3D hardware viewer and time overlap chart mean for surveyors
  • What the future holds for OxTS Georeferencer

If you missed the webinar you can watch it back below:


Watch the Recording

Speak with us about OxTS Georeferencer 1.4

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